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Funding Your Claim

We can accept cases on a No Win No Fee basis, subject to an assessment of the strengths of the case and its value. Sometimes you can use existing insurance which you might not know you had. If not, we can often offer a flexible payment plan to help spread your costs.

However you choose to fund your claim, the most important thing is that you do not receive an unexpected bill, which is why we promise to be upfront about all costs and keep you informed about any additional costs you may incur along the way.

The right funding method is significantly dependent on the merits of your individual claim, which is why we prefer to talk to you directly to ensure we offer you the right solution. Below are some of our funding options.

No Win No Fee

We can accept cases on a No Win No Fee basis, giving you peace of mind that you won't risk paying our legal costs. We assess the strengths of the case and its value before accepting a case on a No Win No Fee basis. Claims with a monetary value of £10,000 or less cannot be accepted on a No Win No Fee basis because they fall into the court's small claims track.

If your case falls into the small claims track and has a value of £5,000 or more, we can agree fees for each stage of the process, ensuring you are in control of legal expenses. Because your costs cannot be recovered from the other party in small claims cases, these expenses will need to be paid regardless of the outcome of your case.

We are also able to arrange specialist insurance cover to protect you against having to potentially pay the other party's costs as well as your own expenses if you lose (e.g. any court or experts' fees).

Legal Expense Insurance

Many homeowners have Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) already in place through their household insurance providers. We will happily review your insurance policy free of charge to see if you currently have LEI. If it turns out you are covered, we can then talk to the insurer on your behalf to arrange funding.

Pay-As-You-Go Flexible Payment Plan

If we are unable to offer you a No Win No Fee agreement and Legal Expense Insurance is not available, we can still take on your case on a privately funded, pay-as-you-go basis. We will agree our charges with you at the beginning of each stage of your claim. We offer a range of flexible payment options such as paying in instalments or by credit card.

If your claim succeeds, you are entitled to recover your reasonable legal costs from the other party provided your compensation is over £10,000.

Recovering Your Fees if You Win

Following a successful outcome of your claim and provided court proceedings have been issued and your claim is worth in excess of the court’s small claims limit (presently £10,000 or under), you may recover some of your legal costs from the other party.

The amount you can recover depends upon several factors, including the value of your claim (and therefore the court track which it is allocated to), the proportionality of your legal costs to the value of the claim, the reasonableness of your costs and the necessity for them to be incurred.

In No Win No Fee cases where the case is won, a Success Fee is payable. This is not recoverable from the other side – it must be paid by you. A Success Fee is calculated by reference to the extent of your legal costs.

Insuring Against Paying the Other Party's Costs & Covering Out-of-Pocket Expenses if You Lose

Not every claim can be successful. If there have been court proceedings and the court does not find in your favour, or if you decide to withdraw your claim, the court may require you to pay the other party’s costs. If you are unsuccessful, then you will also be unable to recover your out-of-pocket expenses such as court fees or expert’s fees (your own solicitor’s costs and usually that of your barrister will be dealt with under any No Win No Fee agreement you have with them).

To guard against this expense and to ensure peace of mind, it is often possible to obtain After the Event (ATE) insurance cover. We will advise you on whether it is the right time to do so and will make these arrangements for you.

There is no premium to be paid upfront. If you win, you must pay the insurance premium (it is not recoverable from the other side). If you lose, then the premium is self-insured and will not be payable; the policy will operate to pay the other side’s costs and to cover your own out-of-pocket expenses.